Sustainability Practices

At Aelia Collection Suites - Adults Friendly we try to implement sustainability policies, with absolute respect for the environment and the guest.

Food Waste Management: Everything we use at breakfast is from our gardens or from local producers. If you don't like something, we want you to tell us so we don't waste food. Our goal is to have 0 residuals.

Water Management: Due to water scarcity, we try to save as much as possible without disrupting your vacation and the quality of our services. We have chosen to change sheets and towels every 3 days as part of this policy. Your cooperation is particularly important in this endeavor.

For watering our gardens, we use rainwater, which we collect in our tanks.

Energy saving:

We also ask you to use the air conditioner properly, in order to save energy.

Recycling: We participate in the island's recycling policy. That's why we have recycling bins everywhere.

Reduction of Plastics: Because we try to reduce the use of plastics, we do not use single-use products, but in special packaging.

Local Market: Our employees are Skyrians. The products are mainly local.