1. Definitions
Company or We: Aelia Collection Suites Single Member LLC .
You, your, guest : the person making the booking (the “principal guest”) and any person staying with the principal guest in the reserved accommodation unit (“accompanying guest”)
Suite: the accommodation unit offered by us for overnight stay and its exterior space (garden & pool).
Direct reservation: A reservation made for a booking through our channels (website, email, phone or in our premises).
Third party reservation: A reservation made by a third party, such as a tour operator, for and on the behalf of the guest and any accompanying person.
  1. Scope
The present Terms and Conditions shall apply for all accommodation bookings and for all other supplies and services provided by Aelia Collection Suites LLC to the guest and any accompanying person.
Subcontracting or subletting of the suite is strictly prohibited.
These Terms and Conditions shall supersede any alternative provisions, including those contained in the guest’s or third party’s general terms and conditions.
  1. Reservation Policy
We reserve the right to accept or refuse any booking enquiry. All booking enquiries shall include the names and age of the principal guest and the accompanying guests.
When a booking enquiry is responded to with a written booking confirmation by us, a 1 day deposit is required to be paid within 3 days from receipt of our booking confirmation, in order to secure booking. An accommodation contract (hereinafter “the contract”) is concluded when the deposit is received. If the deposit is not received within 3 days, the contract is not concluded and we shall have the right to withdraw any confirmation and/or reject any booking enquiry and/or cancel any booking.
When you make a booking as a Principal Guest you declare and guarantee that you have the authority to accept and you do accept on behalf of your accompanying guests these terms and conditions.
Upon confirmation of the booking and/or conclusion of the contract any change requests as to the guests and the particulars of the booking are subject to our written confirmation. In this case we reserve the right to refuse any changes, withdraw any confirmation and/or reject any booking enquiry and/or cancel any booking.
You must be at least 18 years old to make a booking with us.
  1. Payment Terms
One night will be deposited within 3 days of your reservation. The deposit receipt must be sent to info@aelia-suites.gr in order to be accepted.
The balance of the total price will be paid on the agreed departure date.
In case the balance is not paid by the due date we shall have the right to cancel the booking and charge the cancellation charges/penalties of art. 7.
  1. Check in/Check Out
Check-in – from 14:00.
Check out- until 12:00 midday.
  1. Late Arrival - Early Departure
In case of later arrival and in case of early departure, the whole price of the booking shall be charged as per the initial reservation.
  1. Cancellation Policy
In case you cancel the booking or in case of non-arrival and in case we cancel your booking pursuant to the provisions of art. 4, the following charges shall apply:
  • Cancellation up to 14 days before arrival: No Charge - Return of all (100%) of the deposit
  • Cancellation 7 days before arrival: Half charge (50%) of the deposit.
  • No refund will be given for cancellations made within 7 days of arrival.
  • Non-arrival: Charge all (100%) of the deposit price.
  1. Prices
The agreed price of your reservation includes the statutory VAT and all local taxes and fees.
If, within the period between the booking confirmation and the arrival date there is an increase in the statutory VAT or any local taxes and fees, we reserve the right to increase the agreed price equally to the increase of the statutory VAT or local taxes and fees.
Without prejudice to the previous increase of the price, once your booking is confirmed the price of your reservation is guaranteed. No refunds shall be made in case of exchange rate fluctuations that might reduce the rental price.
  1. Guests – Children –Pets Policy – Smoking Policy
Only the guests mentioned in the booking confirmation shall have the right to use the accommodation unit. We reserve the right to refuse entry/access/use of the suite to any person that is not mentioned in the booking confirmation.
All guest shall present to us valid ID documents the latest at the time of arrival and before check-in. EU-nationals shall present a passport or national ID. Non-EU-nationals shall present a valid passport with valid visa or any kind of Greek residence permit. We reserve the right to deny access to the suite to any guest who does not present valid ID documents as above.
Aelia Collection Suites does not allow children.  In case the guest has provided wrong information about his/her reservation, then Aelia Collection Suites keeps the right to deny his/her stay and keep the deposit. In any case, all  children must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.
Pets are not allowed in the accommodation unit and our premises in general without our prior approval. You should notify us accordingly at the time of you booking request.
Smoking is not allowed in the interior of the suite.
  1. Property – Damages
We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of replacing any property/item that is removed from the suite (indicatively towels, bathrobes, linen, furniture). The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing item plus any replacement expenses (such us carriage, assembly costs). In case you have provided your credit/debit card details, we shall have the right to charge such amounts directly to your card
We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of any repair of damages to the property caused by the guests. Damages include any case where the suite is left excessively dirty and special cleaning or replacement of any item is required. In case you have provided your credit/debit card details, we shall have the right to charge such amounts directly to your card.
  1. Swimming Pool
The suite has a private pool. We are not required to have a lifeguard at the suite’s private pool area. Guests using the private pool acknowledge and accept that there will be no lifeguard on duty at the private pool area. Any person entering the pool or the pool area, are doing so at their own risk. By using the pool and the pool area, they declare that they do not need lifeguard supervision. In case of children such declaration is considered to have been given by the parent or legal guarding, who remain solely responsible for supervising their children at the pool area.
Use of the pool is only permitted to persons over 18 years old. Persons under 18 should be at all times supervised by an adult who is competent and heathy to swim.
For their own safety guests should be extremely careful when using the pool and /or walking around the pool and should follow the following rules:
  • Use of the swimming pool is not allowed while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication that affects physical ability.
  • The pool has a maximum depth of 1.50 Diving is prohibited.
  • Avoid using the pool while alone. Prefer to use the pool while other guests are around or close. In case of an emergency they might be able to help you.
  • Avoid using the pool at night. If you do so please do not switch off any outdoor lights and ensure that there is sufficient lighting.
  • Persons under 18 should be at all times supervised by an adult who is competent and heathy to swim. Please do not leave children unattended.
  • Do not run, jump and in general do not move vividly around the pool. Wet floor might be slippery.
  • Do not chew gum, drink or eat while using the pool.
  • Be careful when playing inside the pool. Avoid dangerous games. Under no circumstances do not engage in games/activities where a person is underwater or there is a danger to be held underwater.
  • Do not swim after eating. Let at least 2 hours pass.
  • Do not enter the pool in case you have an infectious skin condition, injury, bleeding etc. Do not leave any kind of body fluids in the pool.
  • Shower before entering the pool.
  1. Food and Beverages
The suite is self-catered. Self-catered accommodation require that you supply all provisions and consumables necessary for daily living. We shall accommodate any requests to purchase on your behalf any provisions, on an extra cost. At your request, we shall provide you with a selection of meals from our local caterer or restaurant, at an extra cost.
All guests, and in case of children their parent/legal guardian, are solely responsible for any food, beverage and other consumable that they consume in the suite, and was purchased or otherwise acquired and/or prepared by them or on their behalf by a caterer, private cook, and/or by any other person, and they do so on their own risk.
It is expressly agreed that we, our representatives or household stuff shall not be responsible or liable for any physical injury, sickness, death, loss, damage or inconvenience caused by the consume of any food/beverage in the suite.
  1. Treat Baskets
As an appreciation gesture to our guests we might provide a treat basket with local products, like fruits & vegetables, free of charge.
You should be cautious of any allergies to any of the products included in the treat basket and by accepting it you declare that none of the guests has an allergy to any of them.
We shall not be responsible or liable for any physical injury, sickness, death, loss, damage or inconvenience caused by the consume of any product contained in the treat basket.
In case you have any allergies, you should mention them to the company.
  1. Injury Disclaimer
We or any of our staff members shall not be liable for any injury, sickness or death suffered any or all the guests. The guest and any accompanying guest, waive any claim against us for injury, sickness, or death. Notify us immediately for any emergency in order to help you. Next to your phone you will find a list with emergency Greek phones in Greek and English.
  1. Valuables & Security
You are solely responsible for any valuables left at the suite and any items/assets or vehicles you leave at any exterior space of the suite or our premises in general. Please be aware to close and lock all doors and windows when leaving the suite and not to leave any items/valuables at the exterior spaces. We shall not be liable for any damages or loss to any items, property or assets owned by you or rented by you.
  1. Third-Party Services
Several services are being provided to the guests by third parties indicated by us but not directly by us (such us private taxis, excursions, local caterers of private cooks, restaurants etc.). Guests using any third-party services waive any claim against us (indicatively for damages, losses, injury, death etc.) resulting from the use of such services.
  1. Water & Electricity
Ιn with the majority of the Greek Islands, water and electricity shortages are not uncommon. In case of water or electricity supply disruptions we shall do everything in our power to re-establish supply and/or arrange for temporary supply. We shall not be liable for any damages, loss or inconvenient caused from such disruptions.
  1. Internet & Phone
The suite is equipped with telephone and internet. The cost of national calls (local & long distance) and internet are included in the price. International calls shall be on extra charge. We reserve the right to impose a limit to the cost of international calls and/or block outgoing international calls above such limit. We shall not be liable for any damages, loss or inconvenient caused from any phone or internet disruptions.
  1. Guest Behavior
We expect our guests to follow these terms and conditions and any statutory provisions. We reserve the right to deny entrance to any guest who does not abide to these terms and conditions and/or any statutory provisions and/or in case in the opinion of our staff or management, compromises the comfort, safety or security and dignity of other guests or staff and/or jeopardises the integrity of our premises and assets. We reserve the right to enter the suite in urgent cases in order to take necessary action.
We are entitled to immediately ban a guest from the premises and take all necessary action, including terminating accommodation and notifying the competent authorities. In case accommodation is terminated as above, we reserve the right to charge the 100% of the reservation price, without prejudice to any damages or losses we suffered of such violation/behaviour, which we shall have the right to claim additionally.
  1. Applicable Law & Jurisdiction
These Terms & Conditions and all matters in connection with or arising from your accommodation in the suite and the provision of any relevant service are governed by Greek law. The courts of Athens (Greece), shall have jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising from or in connection with them.